Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dominique and her new friend

This is the first post on the "city" daily photo. I have put city in inverted commas because the hamlet of Réal has about a dozen houses so we are not really a city.

This images was taken at the end of summer last year and it is a picture of our friend Dominique et son nouvel ami, Charlie.

Dominique visited us from Paris in our new home in the Tarn.


Michael said...

Well, if I push "enter" quick enough, I can be your first comment on your first post! I am very excited about seeing your village through your eyes. You are very talented and it will make it a pleasure to see. There are days here in Paris when I long for the country, so at least now I can take a small trip every day to your part of the world!

Wilf James said...

Thanks Michael, I very much appreciate the interest you have taken and all you comments you have made before on my other photo blog.

And I think it’s great you are the first to comment on my first image on Réal Daily Photo. Thanks you.

I hope I can live up to the task in hand.

soosha_q said...

Hi wilf! I'm so happy to be visiting your photo a day blog. I will definately be visiting often as I would love to live in such a small town. Anyways, happy photo blogging!

Michael said...

Hello Wilf,

I'm already a great fan of your Light & Day photo blog and now I will have two highlights each day to go for ...

The design here is already excellent and I'm sure your pictures will top it day by day.

Michael :-)