Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wind Power


Windmills from the air taken by Christain Hot in his Micro Light aircraft. These electricity generating windmills are next to the Toulouse Narbonne motorway near Avignonet.

Les éoliennes à Avignonet, à coté de l'autoroute Toulouse-Narbonne.

Image by/par Christian Hot


jkiel said...

Nice light...
Have there been many birds that have had... unfortunate incidents ... with the windmills?

Hyde DP said...

Lots of people don't like these things as the do spoil traditional views and in a few cases I'd agree, but for the most part I like them; these seem a nice group.

Wilf James said...

Thanks Judy and Gerald.

Close up these things are big and I don't think they are a threat to birds. It is more a problem with spoiling the environment with unsightly positioning. Some are for, some against.

I like them from a distance but I believe I would not like it if they started to spring up in my back garden!