Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Long and Straight Road

The Long and Straight Road

One of tree lined roads heading out of the town of Uzés in the south of France. One of the lovely features of driving on these types of roads, and there are many lined with Plain Trees, is the shade they give against a hot summer sun. In the days before air conditioning in cars they were the only protection.

There are people that want to cut down these beautiful tree lined byways because they cause too many road deaths. A normal human reaction of course, if something might have the potential to kill you, get rid of it or kill it before it gets you!!! It doesn't occur to these people to have drivers stick to the speed limit.


jkiel said...

...or not drink and drive!

our roads with trees are all covered in leaves now, snow soon I suppose.

Kate said...

They're not only useful but beautiful as well. What a shame; again humans sacrifice nature or want to---and, I hope it doesn't happen.

Relatos said...

I think this is a good perspective. I like this picture very much. The shadows are a good "element" on this picture, also.
Saludos, Sandra R.