Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Girls of Provence

I do have access to a computer at the moment and I couldn't stop myself I had to post another from my library of images.

Our vacation weather down on the Medeterrenee is rain with more rain on the way. It is not needed right at the moment neither for our vacation nor for Les vendanges - the grape harvest - but both can't be stopped, so we are having our vacation and the grape harvest goes on.

This image was taken in the village of Les Milles near Aix en Provence at the beginning of June 2005 during the annual Transhumance - the gathering of the sheep and a blessing before heading off to mountain pastures, a time of celebration and joy.


Lisi said...

Strike a pose, that little girl as the expression of a professional model. Stay cool and dry and have fun rain or shine!

soosha_q said...

Such a cutie!

Felicia said...

Your photos of these traditional costumes are really wonderful. Hope you are having a nice time on vacation!