Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lets get dressed up

I don’t think I have posted this image before on Réal DP. I is from a traditional festival in the village of Allauch. Provence, France and as always there is something I love about the photos I post and of course it is the absolutely beautiful dress the girl is wearing.

What a display.

Also we will be getting on our horses, well at least getting into our car, and heading off on vacation from this coming Sunday for three weeks.

We are not entirely sure of where we will be heading or if I will be able to update the Réal DP, but I’ll have a think both about where we are going and if I will have to let the Daily Blog have a vacation also.


kris said...

the spots on the horse has almost the same patent as the skirt..Fantastic capture!

Lisi said...

A beautiful dress indeed...and have on your vacation!

Denton said...

Outstanding photo.