Monday, October 15, 2007

Charlie Pigeon


Just over two weeks ago a lost little pigeon was following behind anybody trying to find its Mum. What to do? It had fallen out of its nest somewhere and by the time we picked it up it was starving. We phoned the local Bird center who said boil up some cat crockets, liquidize them and feed every hour with a syringe.

We got into a good system of feeding and the little bundle of feathers it now nearly grown.

Now we have a flying pigeon that we hope will be ready soon to fly off into the big wide world instead of onto my head.


jkiel said...

That's pretty funny!
And here I thought you were really going to shoot the bird's eye view(point)!

Wilf James said...

Hi Judy, Good to see you.

I just hope this little creature is not going to keep thinking I'm its Dad!

Bird's eye view - very good. There is a possibility if the Mayor talks me into getting on his flying tin can!!

Lisi said...

very charming...both you and the pigeon :-)

jkiel said...

So are you still the Dad? ;-)

Kate said...

Why don't you just keep it? Would it be able to survive on its own now?