Saturday, October 27, 2007

Roman Aqueduct

Le Pont du Gard 02

Nearly finished with photographs taken around Le Pont du Gard and the town of Uzés in the south of France - there are a few more though!

The ancient Roman Aqueduct of Le Pont du Gard is worthy of another posting. It took me a long time to go and see this magnificent piece of engineering, after nearly 15 years of living in France, and it was more than worth it. It took three climbs up the hill at the side to get the right light and that was also worth it.

Sitting watching the sun slowly set and the light changing on the stones that have stood the test of time for nearly 2000 years is another memory that will last.

La Pont du Gard was made a World Heritage site in 1985 more info here.

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Kate said...

Beautiful composition and I love the light and shadows.