Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kodak Brownie

This photograph was taken in the village of Rabastens, about 8 kilometers from us, at a local Brocante, like an antique sale, and of course reminded me of how photography and cameras have changed so much in recent years.

I use a very small Minolta Dimage Xt for wandering around, about the size of a pack of playing cards and very unobtrusive. Gone are the days of a bulky camera bag and loads of equipment.

I just wondered what all you other DP’er used to capture your images on.


Kris said...

that's a gem! my frined's dad has a old russian model sitting in the closet, in very good condition. i always wonder if i can use it but no operation manual :(

FYI, am using Panasonic FZ7 ;)

Nerissa said...

Me? Canon Powershot S410 Digital Elph

But I want to upgrade for sure.

Wilf James said...

Thanks kris & nerissa, thanks.
Keep up the great work. For me it is amazing to see the chnages over the years, which are now changing at the speed of light, and just what we can do with digital has opened up the world of photography.