Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Tarn

A late post today, computer, or dial- Up problems this morning then an early morning trip into Toulouse airport to drop my wife off to catch a flight to Paris.

She will be in Paris and I won’t. I am going to miss being with Eric’s Angles, and before you all start crying I noticed a post on Eric's PDPyesterday from Joye about, no photo I don’t live in a town, nevertheless there is lots to photograph where ever you might live. So this is by way of a little encouragement in the way Eric helped me.

The image I posted today is of the rolling Tarn countryside, sometime loosely described as similar to Tuscany but with more trees. It is beautiful and because of Eric’s encouragement I started this daily blog. There are no more than six houses within walking distance of where we live but there are plenty of images to be snapped.


Kris said...

marvellous shot!! feel like rolling down the hills! :D

soosha_q said...

Plenty of beautiful images and you snap them well! Who cares if you don't live in a city! That's just a minor technicality.

Lisi said...

it would take some time to count how many shades of green are in this photo