Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fish Market Marseille

Fish Market Marseille

Our trip to Provence was mostly spent in the City of Marseille and although we lived in the beautiful village of Allauch for 8 months we never took the opportunity to explore the city of Marseille.

This time we had a super guide who was born and grew up in the village of Allauch and gave us a great tour of the wonderful city of Marseille.

This first image is of the famous fish market that I last visited in 1989 - how time flies. I think the guy is telling us about the one that got away!

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Lisi said...

Hi Wilf and G, I'm back!!! Finally got internet connection installed in my new apartment and life is slowly returning to routine and normal except that I still have a lot of shopping to do...maybe some fish as well :-) I have always wanted to visit south of France including Marseilles, got to work hard and save money for that now :-) btw, I love the frosty leaves photo, they are like candies!