Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Notre Dame de la Garde


Ming asked if yesterdays photo was taken from Notre Dame de la Garde and yes it was. It is the major landmark of the city of Marsielle, seen from a distance it is an impressive sight.

Affectionately known as La Bonne Mère it is well worth a visit to see the panorama I have already mentioned, the blue of the Mediterranean to the sweep of the urban landscape of most ancient city of France.

The altitude of the hill is just over 147 meters


zannnie said...

ohh.. wonderful photo!:)

jkiel said...

You've got to love those "stripey" European churches! ;-)

Doug Stewart said...

What a fantastic building - majesty, beauty, form. Then I look at the photo from the previous day of Marseille - cold, functional concrete for the most part. Why have we lost the sense of creating beauty in our architecture?