Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have a break!


Once the first early morning load of grapes have disappeared to the winery it's time for a break and something to eat.

It is hard work picking grapes and although the mornings can sometimes be a little fresh the temperatures in the south of France can soon heat up so you have combination of hard work and as the sun climbs higher is can be very warm work.


Lisi said...

Hi Wilf, I too enjoy this series...this one is like a movie do you people so not conscious that a photographer is around? btw, just curious, I think the one with a purple/blue jacket looks kind of Asian...

Wilf James said...

Hi Lisi, I love the new style of your blog, but I think I managed to leave a comment to that effect.

Yes you are right the person is of Asian decent, but remember France had colonies in the Far East including Vietnam, as they did in Africa, so there is a multi racial mix in France, as in other countries.

There are people who follow the trail of grape picking and other fruits produced in France and can work for a good six months of the year (I believe) doing this type of work, although I would say it is work for the young or those with plenty of stamina.

Doing this series of photographs I spent the morning with these people so they got used to me clicking away with the camera. It is amazing how quickly they forget you are taking pictures, so normally you can capture scenes where people are just doing what they have been doing every morning for a week.