Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How many days?

How many shopping days are there before Christmas?

I have kept this image which was taken in Heidelberg, Germany in September. It is of the inside of a Christmas shop where you can buy are sorts of decorations, trees, in fact all the paraphernalia for the festive season. The amazing thing is that the store is open all year round, although I think it might be closed on Christmas day.

Just thought I would remind you it’s not that long until……………..

Check it out the Christmas Special


Meg Nakagawa said...

It's 9 November, and for some reason I had expected France to be a little cooler/colder than these photos - are you having a warm autumn?

Wilf James said...

France, in fact a lot of Europe is experiencing very mild weather. There has been snow across northern Europe but I don’t think it lasted and the French snow resorts in the Alps are still waiting for their first fall of snow.

Yesterday it certainly did not feel as if winter is just around the corner with a temperature high of 20°C and I was working in the garden in light clothing. We are enjoying it while it lasts.

Kate said...

We, too, are experiencing mild weather altho today is 25 degrees cooler than yesterday's, which hit an unheard of 72 degrees on the 8th of November! Enjoyed the Christmas special link. By the way, I like your new avatar!!

Lisi said...

geez, it is called Global Warming...and it doesn't affect how far away Christmas is...I'm still counting, I'm bad at math :-)

Dawn said...

When I saw this, I immediately thought of a shop I visited in Rothenburg a few years ago, and when I followed your link I was surprised to see it was the same shop as the one in Heidelberg. It is quit an experience to visit the shop, especially for us from South Africa. Over here most department stores put aside a small area in the shop as from the beginning of October to sell some Christmas decorations, but definitely not on such scale.
A new trend over here for the past two years is to buy outdoor lights to decorate your house on the outside.
Strange for us to hear about a winter Christmas - Something I can only dream about at the moment, hope I can one day experience a white Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Bloem we usually have temperatures of about 35-38 degrees Celsius on Christmas day and usually go for a lunch consisting of cold meats and salads.