Sunday, November 12, 2006

Give it up!

There has been some posts about the new law that will be effective at the begining of next year 2007.

This post on Erics photo-blog give more info Tobacconists strike back

As an ex-smoker I found this image quite powerful. I wonder over the years how many ashtrays full of cigarettes butts I filled up?


Anonymous said...

I am an ex-smoker of many years, and I fight it every day...I have never lost the craving and it is a real battle for me to keep off them and it most likely always will be a battle for me

Nathalie said...

Another very powerful image there. I don't smoke but I sympathise with Robert.

Wilf James said...

Thanks Robert & Nathalie.

Stay with it Robert, I know the craving although I have to say I no longer crave a cigarette, except for those odd moments of stress, and I do understand the battle.

Lisi said...

like you said, it's a powerful shot to smokers just to imagine the amount to nicotine in their lungs ;p