Monday, November 27, 2006

Unloading Grapes


This is one of those tractors worth photographing. The tractors are specially made to be able to work though out the year in the vineyards. They are produced to a width that allows the tractor to work between the rows of vines, and sometimes I can't help looking at them and thinking how cool these miniatured tractors are.

After arrival at the winery it's time to tip the load into the "hole" where the grapes are collected and conveyed to the where the juice is squeezed out. No more tramping of the feet however, those day are long gone!


Lisi said...

No more tramping of the feet!! LOL, it might be quite common but whenever my friends and I say this joke whenever we come across a wine we don't like: smelly feet...And about the info yesterday, maybe I can work picking grapes and travel in France one day...kind of romantic for a fainted hearted one :-)

jkiel said...

Ah Lisi, you need to get to France! You won't see nearly as scary things to eat as I've seen in China... and the wine is MUCH better too! ;-)

I agree Wilf, that tractor is a keeper - did they let you drive it?