Friday, December 08, 2006

Chistmas Shopping

Chistmas Shopping

One Sunday when we lived in Paris, well in fact we lived in Montreuil, we walked down towards the Château de Vincennes, near Paris, we came across a lovely shop selling toys. It was a magic moment because it was great playing with the toys!!

I just had to post this image because the way the dolls had been displayed was fabulous.

The name and address of the shop is Le Petit Bonhomme de Bois, Avenue de Paris, Vincennes. They also have shops in Paris as well.

Not too many shops like this in Réal!!


Kate said...

I agree that the poses are very expressive. Wouldn't every small child delight in having one of these. Come to think of it, a big child, a very big child, might like one, too.

Lisi said...

cute ones and I see they have names too (on the chairs?)...getting something for Luca?