Thursday, December 07, 2006

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil? Well not quite but we did manage to pick nearly 60 kilo's of olives which we took to an olive mill near to Narbonne down on the Mediterranean coast and we ended up with over 6 liters of cold pressed virgin olive oil - not bad eh?

This is the post I made on October 25th Olive Tree and there were a few question about olives on that post which I thought would be better answered with some additional information about olives.


Lisi said...

6 litres...that should last for a while I guess! But picking 60kg of olives is definitely a HUGE job for the two of you!

Felicia said...

Very nice wine series - I like the wine drinker! That is a lot of olives, but what a nice reward.

Ntathalie said...

I remember when we picked our own olives in my father's grove and he proudly also got 6 litres of olive oil. These are the small (great !)pleasures of life