Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Door

The Door

A little like the doors, or is it windows, on an Advent Calendar only this exquisite door can be found in the town of Gaillac.

The carving is beautiful and I believe is one of the entrances to the Abbey of St.Michel in Gaillac.


Carol said...

That is a fantastic door!

Lisi said...

it's beautiful and it doesn't look restored so it looks very natural...would really love to see it and touch it too!!

Kate said...

I agree that the carving is beautiful! I, too, would like to touch it and run my hands over the carvings. It is exquisite.

Doug said...

Really like your photos. Expecially the door, it just drips with history and stories. Well done!!

I came accross another site that does something similar, but for Paris. In case you are interested, it is: