Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Frosty Leaves

Frosty Leaves

The frosty misty days have cleared for the moment and I have wondered at the design of nature with the hore frost that has coated everything - and loved photographing various subjects.

Still a little chilly although today has been a little warmer, meaning the temperature managed to creep above freezing. This global warming fooled me into thinking we were going to get a nice mild winter! Never mind another month and things will be looking good down this way.


Nathalie said...

Joli, joli, très très joli !!!

John said...

Great photo. Makes me think of sugar covered jelly sweets.

Cyrat said...

Well Wilf it is bloody hot and bloody dry here in Adelaide. But recently we had a freek downpoor, right across the outback and Adelaide. They say the wildflowers in the desert would be good enough to travel across the world for.

Wilf James said...

Nathalie & John thanks for your lovely comments.

Cyrat it is a bit colder than when you visited last summer. If I had the means and the time I would be on a plane tomorrow, I know those desert wildflowers are worth traveling around the world to see. I hope you get out have a look see yourself.

bcinfrance said...

This is a totally gorgeous photo. The ice and snow in Rodez gave us some great "photo opps" too, but by the time I get them all on the blog, it will probably be spring!