Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday

One Year Today

Happy Birthday Luca

Our Grandson Luca is one year old today (28th January). This was taken recently while visiting, with his mother, the other half of his family in Brazil.

He is back in the cold UK but I am sure he is going to enjoying growing up and visiting his family in Brazil. Maybe one day he may even choose to live there!

We will not be able to travel from France to spend time with him to celebrate his first birthday but I am sure he will have a great day.

Goodness me, is it really a year since he was born!!

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Lisi said...

I was just wondering what's up with the man of Real DP year old, that must make you and G. very happy grand parents. :-) ah...I have to get back to my packing now, I'm terribly behind schedule now ;p