Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

I had intended to post this photograph before now but time flies.

If you check-in from time to time you will know that the village of Réal, which is part of the village of Roquemaure, is not very big. There is still a consecrated church here but it is very rarely used and next to the church is an old telephone box, which is used even less!

When France Telecom decided that the phone was no longer required a couple of the locals persuaded France Telecom to leave the box. I have no idea why but then someone has made it our very own Exhibition centre, perhaps the smallest in the world. In the summer we had a summer exhibition where it was turned into an aquarium. All the work is done by the local children and they had great fun cutting out and coloring all the paper fish and other stuff.

About three weeks before Christmas the Telephone Box Exhibition Centre was turn into out local Christmas Display. There is a sign towards the bottom of the box, which is not so clear to read that says that the display was created by the local children.

Well Christmas is past and from Réal, deep in the French country side I wish you all the very best for 2007.


Gerald England said...

That's a brilliant use for a phone box.

All the best for 2007

jkiel said...

Hi Wilf - great exhibition space!

May you have the best of new years yourself, and keep up the great work!

from cold Utah - jk