Saturday, March 03, 2007



Still not getting out to get any photographs taken.

This is our very own Billy the cat who we found at the side of the road near the Luxembourg border about five years ago. We lived in a small apartment in Paris and I would never have a cat couped up in a small apartment. But what do you do when the cat finds you? No contest!

Billy would sit out on what used to be our flower window box looking at the world of buildings that surrounded us and I would feel sad for her as she no freedom............

Billy now has a whole garden and more to enjoy her freedom. Such joy.

This photo has been slightly enhanced with Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous kitty -- and a gorgeous photo. We miss you on Viveurs, and hope your life calms down.

Fay said...

She looks curious in the photo... well, as all cats do.
Have a good day :)

Kate said...

Billy definitely is a keeper!!

Kuanyin said...

Beautiful! Is that halo around her head and fur the enhancement?

Wilf James said...

Kuanyin, yes it is.

It is an effect that can be achieved in photoshop with the help and a plug-in.

More about the plug-in canbe read here