Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Rain in Spain

Where's the gold?

Well the rain in Spain has been falling mainly in the south of France. This is an image that I took some time ago and it is more romantic than the rain filled days we have been having lately.

Yea I know, the gardens needs it and all that, but I need the sun and lots of it.

Hope the sun comes out soon, or I will have to find another rainbow and go in search of that gold!


Omaheña said...

I agree - I need lots and lots of sun!! We have had almost nothing but snow for a while here.
Your photo is beautiful!! I'll daydream about rainbows soon to come here!

Kate said...

Rainbows are so appealing and lifts one's spirits.

Lori said...

Such a beautiful shot! I haven't seen a rainbow in a long time.

Gerald England said...

ah don't think I'll ever tire of looking at a nice rainbow