Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cordes-sur Ciel


When I began doing this daily photo blog I would complain about the fact that the area we lived in had no Broadband (ADSL) and I was also complaining to the Mayor, Mr.Christian Hot, of our small community and kept asking what could be done. France Telecom never came through with a solution even although Broadband connection is only 1 Kilometre away.

Finally an enterprising guy who has set up a WiFi system in the village where he lived, because of the same problem, was contacted and he set up a similar system for Roquemaure - Réal so I and many other can now enjoy a much faster connection to the internet.

Not only has Christian done this but when the weather is fine as it was just over a week ago he get out his micro-light aircraft and takes to the sky. He emailed this image of the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel. Quite a talented guy is our Mayor. So this is a photograph of Cordes in the sky from higher up in the sky!!

Photograph by Christian Hot

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kris said...

Mr.Christian is a superman! wow, in which case, i need to learn to fly to take such a amazing photo!