Monday, March 19, 2007

Luca Webcam

Luca Webcam

At long last we have Broadband ADSL, or at least the Mayor managed to get a private company to set up a WiFi system which mean that my frustration level has dropped enormously.

Working with images has been difficult and keeping up with posting a daily photograph has been very difficult at times.

This is a photography of our grandson Luca, regulars of Réal DP will know I post a photo of him at least once a month usually taken by his Mum.

The biggest bonus is we can now see Luca on a webcam and see him walking and starting to get up to mischievous. Great technology when you can get it!

Thank you Mr. Mayor.

Image by Izabel James


Fay said...

Such a high tech baby!

Tracey said...

Luca is adorable!

I can't imagine trying to blog with dial up...such a frightening thought!

Lisi said...


Wilf, I haven't been here recently because Blogger has been put behind China's great firewall again, and just tonight, all the Blogger blogs are back again...Lucky me, I didn't miss this Luca shot, pretty cool baby he looks like one of those DJs in nightclub to me, lol