Thursday, August 03, 2006

Albi garden walkway

It has cooled down a lot in France even in the south. In fact there has been a drop in some places as much as 15°C. This evening it is quite fresh and I thought I may have to put a jersey on while out for a little walk.

This photograph is of the covered walkway around the garden next to the Toulouse Lautrec museum in Albi very nice on a hot summer’s day.

I don’t think we have too much to worry about as the temperatures are to be back to normal in the next few days.


soosha_q said...

That looks pretty. It's cooled down a lot here too, finally feels half way nice. Enjoy the weather!

Dianne said...

Aah! One of my favourite views in the whole of the Tarn (I have taken lots of photos of these gardens). Weather just got cooler here in Grasse - we had a high of 37C on Tuesday and it is forecast to be only 28C today - thank goodness!

Lisi said...

I recognise the landscaping on the left, that's a beautiful place