Monday, August 21, 2006

In the dog house!

Still in the village of Giroussens and just down the road a little way from the cool cat I saw this dog looking all sad as I think he wanted to get out and enjoy himself.

Not really, true to the way of the south of France the shutter were mostly closed to the afternoon heat and Mr. Dog just popped his nose out for a look see.

Mind you I thought it made for a good photo.


Kuanyin said...

Aloha From Maui, Hawaii!

As a new member of the Daily Photo Bloggers, I am surfing around to member sites. Yours is really interesting and of course, the photography is excellent. My daily photoblog is:


Lisi said...

now that's fair for the dog after yesterday's on the cat; but not quite fair cos we only see a tiny bit of him ;p

luggi said...

What a life. So much knowing how to live with the heat, seasons, etc.

Kate said...

What a fun shot! the dog's nose, wood grain and bolts are clear and detailed. Nice!