Monday, August 14, 2006

Friends & Co.

Last week we had the pleasure of looking after three super families. It is rare to find such lovely people - French, English and would you believe even a Welsh man

Known to us as the family Lewis they arrived during the course of a Saturday afternoon and during the course of a week we came to know a group of super people and 8 children all of whom were charming little devils. The kids created a riot in the garden and had a great time – from the wasp hunters to the girl’s tea room in the Casba they all had a great time.

I took this photograph just before they all went their separate ways and it was a sad parting after getting to know these lovely families who were such pleasant company.

BUT I believe they are going to come back and see us next year……….


Kim said...

A lovely group of folks. I see the little girls are all into a pink and purple phase :-). Glad to hear of the good time had by all.

Lisi said...

such a great photo with many happy faces, very that is your house and garden?