Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Traditional festival Provence, France

I would like to continue to post portraits from time to time. Not always taken in this area, but certainly in France.

This portrait is of a girl taken at a village festival in Provence but she came from the Catalan region of France near Perpignan and the frontier with Spain.


BrianG said...

I would be disappointed if you decided not to post portraits of this type. I think this picture and 'A Gentleman of Provence' are two of your most beautiful photographs. They are a visual treat. They are eye candy!

Lisi said...

See I'm not alone in liking your portraits. of these days I'll copy this and show you a similar one from HK, you know, taking photos of people from behind is easier than to ask for permisson ;-)

ricardo said...

très très belle photo


Christine Ambre said...


It's these kind of photos that make me want to either order prints from you all or get off my couch and out taking pictures myself!