Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Gentleman of Provence

This image was taken in the village of Les Milles near Aix en Provence at the beginning of June 2005 during the annual Transhumance - the gathering of the sheep and a blessing before heading off to mountain pastures, a time of celebration and joy.

I know it is now August but this photograph gives me a great deal of pleasure

The gentleness of character of this Gentleman of Provence moved me in a way that is difficult to explain. Perhaps I wish to exude the same gentleness.


Eric said...

And something tells me you do Wilf. There is no other portrait that could show France better!

Lisi said...

Wilf, I always like your people photos, and that is what attracted me to be a regular visitor to your DP. This is a nice shot but I should add my favorites are still the photos of little Mr Luca ;-)

Wilf James said...

Merci Eric. It is a pleasure to know that you drop by to check what is happening here.

And Lisi it is such a pleasure to know you are a regular visitor, especially when you mention our beautiful grandson Luca.

Tomorrow is a special day for Réal DP, can anyone guess why?

soosha_q said...

Awww. He looks like such a kind soul. I wish I could know him.

Christine Ambre said...

Beautiful. You feel like you could sit down beside him, just shoot the breeze, and both of you enjoy it. :)