Sunday, August 20, 2006


We went out for lunch today to a lovely village called Giroussens which sit above the river Agout which flows into the river Tarn a couple kilometers further on. The village has a lovely panoramic view and the restaurant was a gastronomic pleasure.

As we were eating a cat wandered under the tables saying hello in its own way to the clients and no one seems to be in the least bit bothered by this. I certainly wasn’t as I love cats and it is very French to be so tolerant of animals.

As we left the restaurant this itinerant cat was asleep on a bench with not a care in the world. He loved been stroked and petted but never opened his eyes. As we left he just flopped back into his laid back pose and I took a few snaps.

Now this is what I call one cool cat.


Dawn said...

Cool cat, indeed. Looks as if he is living a wonderful life and surely he is enjoying every second!!

Sally said...


Lisi said...

the "who cares" cat, a very good capture!

Marie McC said...

I wish Americans were more tolerant of pets in public places. Alexandria allows dogs to accompany owners to restaurants that have outdoor seating, but the dog must remain outside of the fenced area. So the owners are inside the fence at the table, and the dog's leash is tied to the fence so he can be near them, but on the other side.

I love cats, too. If only we could all be as carefree as this one.

bcinfrance said...

This is darling and the cat looks just like my mom's!