Thursday, May 04, 2006

2 Chevaux

There are several lovely suspension bridges that cross the River Tarn, again all with a few kilometers of Réal. I thought it would be nice to get an image of the single lane bridge that crosses over at the village of Buzet sur Tarn.

The evening light was looking good although it was a bit windy but I was not really getting the image I was looking for and as I was returning to my car a 2 Chevaux came into view.

Affectionally known as ‘une deudeuche’ and this one was a bright peach colour - it looks fantastic. I am not sure if it is in its original condition or been restored but the Departement of the Tarn being a farming area still has lots of cars from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s still being used by their original owners.


Louise said...

This photo is just as I remember rural France. Great photo.

Mark said...

Hi Wilf,welcome to the DP? We lived in the Tarn a few years back near a little town called Lavour. I am sure the photos you will share with us will bring back fond memories of this beautiful region.


soosha_q said...

Beautiful! I'm not fond of the peach color, but the car is nice!

Edwin Sumun said...

Welcome to the Daily Photo family Wilf!

Your pictures are so picturesque and timeless. Absolutely beautiful!

Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo

transall said...


La "deudeuch" continue à avoir ses inconditionnels... Cette voiture demeure le symbole du moyen d'évasion pas cher, rustique, solide et qui tient la route quels que soient les virages, quitte à pencher vraiment beaucoup, ce qui fait tout son charme !!!

Sauf erreur, il me semble avoir lu récemment dans une revue aéronautique que les ingénieurs d'Airbus, confrontés à un problème de flottement sur l'A380, ont eu l'idée de s'inspirer d'un système mis en oeuvre avec succès sur... notre "deudeuch" nationale. Elle en aura inspiré des générations cette voiture.



Grant F said...

these are timeless cars...great to see one in such good condition, although am not too sure of the colour.

and i notice you're another perthonian wilf! I've been trying to persuade my mother to start a perth DP blog, but so far to no avail...would be nice to see our hometown represented here too.