Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sign of the Tarn

The village of Roquemaure sits on the south side of the Département (county) of the Tarn, bordering with the Haute Garonne. This old sign we see when we drive down to our nearest little town of Bessieres as we cross from one Département to another.

It intrigues me because it comes from another age before the change to the present system of numbering Départements. Now the Tarn is number 81 and the Haute Garonne is 31. On the sign they are 18 and 22. I am not sure when the changes took place.

In France there are a total of 96 Département situated in 22 Régions. I think I have my numbers correct, but I also like the lovely view over the Valley of the Tarn.


bcinfrance said...

Beautiful view, everything is so green! I remember the Tarn as always being dry, but I think the very hot summer of 1990 scarred me for life!

soosha_q said...

Yet again, something that reminds me of Red Dwarf! "Hang on, Nodnol; Nod Nol... It's Bulgerian isn't it?" As my husband and I say, there's a Red Dwarf quote for everything.

Grant F said...

there was me thinking it was a kilometre sign. definitely a throwback...i was practicing high numbers and les départements with my 2nd year class...i made sure they knew quatre-vingt-un and showed them some of your photos of the tarn region.

Kevin said...

Hi, Wilf. Great pictures!

Just to clear up the numbers mystery. No, there hasn't been any change in the system of numbering of French départements (apart from some now being out of alphabetical order because of name changes, or the creation of new départements in the Paris region, which have been tacked on to the end of the list).

The numbers shown on the 'borne' in your photo are those of the ROAD, which changes its number at this point, where it crosses the departmental boundary. The road in question here is the D18 in Tarn / D22 in Haute-Garonne. These departmental roads were formerly known as 'chemins de grande communication' (hence the GC, now replaced by D on newer signs).