Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Christian HOT notre maire de Roquemaure

I went to see our mayor at Roquemaure (site in French) Town Hall, Mr. Christian Hot, yesterday. He said as soon as I saw your car arrive I knew why you where here. I had come yet again to ask about when we were going to get ADSL – broadband, fast internet connection. He was still unable to give me an answer and it is not his fault. No one can seem get an answer from France Telecom – I’m so frustrated!!!

We live in a black hole as far as broadband in concerned. All around us including the Town Hall has broadband and that is the limit. I can look across the valley and see the Town Hall and that makes me even more frustrated, but then I just enjoy the view and the frustration melts away.

So I took a few photographs of him in front of and ariel photo showing the area covered by the village of Roquemaure. Not too many houses around but lovely rolling countryside, real farming country. You can see a larger image here.

Je suis allé voir notre maire à la Mairie, M. Christian HOT à Roquemaure, hier. Il m’a dit : dès que j'ai vu votre voiture arrivée j'ai su pourquoi vous êtes venus. J'étais venu encore une fois pour m'enquérir du moment où nous allions obtenir l'ADSL. Il ne pouvait pas encore me donner une réponse et ce n'est pas sa faute. Personne ne peut obtenir une réponse de France Telecom - je suis frustré ! ! !

Nous vivons dans un trou noir en ce qui concerne l'ADSL. Tout autour de nous comprenant la Mairie a l’ADSL et c'est la limite. Je peux regarder à travers la vallée et voir la Mairie et je suis bien plus frustré, mais alors j'apprécie la vue et la frustration part.

Ainsi j'ai pris quelques photographies de lui devant la photo arienne montrant le secteur couvert par le village de Roquemaure. Pas trop de maisons autour mais une belle campagne, un pays de culture. Dont vous pouvez voir une plus grande photo ici.


luggi said...

Another interesting post. And thank you for posting in French as well. I've been studying French, and reading it throughout these blogs (Dijon, Rouen, Buenos Aires, etc.) is a great help.

Lisi said...

To Mr Major:
please let Wilf have broadband and you are invited to check out the DP blogs.
Lisi from Hong Kong

Wilf James said...

Luggi: I will mostly post in English. This is for the benifit of Monsieur le Maire, but thanks for your comment and I will try from time to time to post also in French.

Lisi: Thank you again for your interest. Unfortunately it is not up to the Mayor but I just know that if I get lots of comments about this it will bring pressure to the right authorities - at least I am hoping it will!

Felicia said...

First, I think it is a great thing that your mayor recognizes your car and that you are able to meet with him and take his photo! This would not be so easy here. To France Telecom: Give the people ADSL - then your company can make more money and the people will be happy!!
PS: I loved your Shepard photos - he looks great for his age.

Mark said...

Come on France Telecom sought it out!!

Michael said...

Hello Wilf,
by looking at the pages of Roquemaure (did not get one word because of me not being able to read nor speak french) I had the idea that you should try to make a deal with your Major!! Like you are going to make him a "professional" site and therefore he shall take care about you are getting ADSL soon ...
Just a thought ;-)