Saturday, May 06, 2006


Whilst driving along lovely wooded lanes to find the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ we spotted a shepherd and his flock. Although I felt reluctant to stop and intrude on such a tranquil scene my wife said stop, so I did. I wanted to photograph this sight which seems to be disappearing from our lives, or we now drive so fast that scenes such as this are missed at the speed we live our lives as we travel between destinations.

I asked and he said he did not mind at all if I photographed him. We had seen him from a distance sitting on his stool with his dogs and the sheep grazing further up the hill. It was after midday and as he chatted about farming today we nodded in agreement. At 80 years old he seemed content with life and how he had lived his, and was still living it. He said he would take his sheep back soon and then bring them back down to graze some more at about six in the evening.

I wonder what he thinks about as he sits on his little stool surrounded by nature’s beauty and tends his flock.

About asking permission to take someone photograph depends on the situation. If I am photographing a person or a group of people I always ask if it is ok. This was again brought to my attention by fotoaddict in a lovely image she posted here Sunday morning surprise find!

If you would like to see more of the shepherd there is a little slide show on flickr A shepherd and a little house


Mark said...

What a lovely photo Wilf,the shepard looks so at peace.
Those dogs are Labri de Pyrenees (I hope my spelling is right) sheep dogs, we had one called Marcus when we lived in the Tarn.Great dogs for shepards.

Lisi said...

Must be very peaceful life for a shepard in your town...If you get to see him again please send him my regards from HK :-)

luggi said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed it very much.

soosha_q said...

How wonderful it all looks!

Louise said...

Once again a great photo. The dogs seem too cute to be farm dogs!