Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Market Day

One of the great French traditions are the markets that are held selling all sorts of things from farm produce to ladies corsets. Our village of Roquemaure is too small for its own but surrounding us, all within about 5 – 8 kilometers, are three small towns each with their own market day.

Yesterday we had to cross the border into the Departement of Haute-Garonne to visit the small town of Bessières. Even although it was the 1st of May and a holiday the market was so crowded with families and their children it created a great atmosphere, and the sun was shining again - can't get better than that!

There were so many subjects to photograph and in the end I chose an image of a man of the land – a farmer - asking me if I wanted to buy his asparagus.

I want to thank all who posted yesterday and offered their encouragement, with a special thanks to Michael and Eric.


Kerstin said...

Hi Wilf,
I am looking forward to catch a few own pictures of Roquemaure with my camera in a a few weeks and for sure also spending time at your market there.

dutchie said...

Hi Wilf, welcome to the DP family from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Did you buy the asparagus? We had some yesterday :)

Steverino said...

Bonjour Wilf:

Welcome to the photo blogging experience.

It is so interesting to see what each blogger posts each day. So different than what a person visiting would snap because they usually do not get to the areas of a city/town/community that a native, moving about on their daily routine does.

It is like being taken around by a person that, if I were visiting, would stike up a conversation with in a cafe and they would generously offer to show me their city. Then at the end of the day we would find a entertainment venue and experience local music and food. (Gypsy would hit the spot!)

I look forward to showing us Re'al and environs.

Steve in foggy Chicago

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

He looks so French. Could it be the beret that gives it away.
Welcome to the photo family. Looking forward to your posts.

skaribou said...

A taste of France :-).
Great picture, i feel just as if i was about to buy those asparagus.

soosha_q said...

That picture made me grin. I just recently read a book where main character was an elderly man who spent his life at a job of physical labor, and the gentleman always felt his life was a waste. Turns out he did a lot of good in his time in the world. This sweet picture definately made me think of the book.

wilf, I do believe your pictures are going to be reminding me of a lot of things in life. Thanks!

As a side note, the building in the background looks like a warehouse my friends and I used to hang out by in our more reckless teenaged days. I'm sure that neighborhood is a lot better then the neighborhood I'm referring to in St. Louis!

jenni said...

great colors in the shot... and such a wonderful expression on his face. from the pics I've seen, your town looks lovely.