Monday, May 15, 2006

Silver Bra

Yesterday we went to visit the Sunday market at a Town nearby L’isle-sur-Tarn. It was our first visit and to our pleasant surprise there was also a craft fair.

As their web site says; l'Isle-sur-Tarn, a 13th century, fortified town situated in the heart of the Gaillac vineyards, enjoys an idyllic location half way between Toulouse and Albi.

There was so much to see and in such a beautiful setting it left us feeling wonderful. The workmanship (workwomanship) of glassware, wood carving, embroidery and jewelry was so good we wanted to buy it all.

On one of the stands was an eye catching silver bra which I just had to photograph. It obviously made people stop and look and of course attracted more customers – good attention-grabber - and the jewelry work was exquisite.

The jewelry is by Daphnès AKANTAR, le Château, 82230, Verlhac Tescou.

To appreciate the exquisite detail a larger image can be seen here: Silver Bra


Lisi said...

silver bra, that's quite a change of subject...:-)

Mark said...

I used to go out with a girl that had one of these, it even had a lock on the back.Her dad bought it for her!!!!

Kris said...

is mark serious? lol !!!
the necklace is lovely, i would buy them while the bra..dont think its comfortable..!!!

Nerissa said...

Eeek... can't imagine wearing such a thing! So cold to the skin and I'd be afraid of a pinch!

Carol said...

It's very lovely but looks way too uncomfortable.

soosha_q said...

That is so cute! I'll be seeing lots of stuff like that next weekend!

Wilf James said...

Yes I suppose it is a little bit of a change. I was intrigued by how effective something like this is for stopping people and getting them to look at your other pieces of jewelry for sale. A good sales pitch, and both male and female were equally interested and perhaps for different reasons! And it did create a lot of curiosity - it was fun to watch.

I have heard that fathers who were aware that their daughters were going out with Mark (in his younger days) did take unusual precautions against his amorous advances. It is also rumored he became an expert lock picker which eventually led to his dexterity with a golf club.

Mark said...

Actually this is not quite true. Here is the true story; One evening I was caught by the father of a young lady in a rather compromising situation. He promptly chased me around the garden, but due to the fact that he was a little advanced in age he soon gave up the chase. And then something happened that changed my life forever, he started throwing his golf clubs at me one by one in a vain attempt to mortally wound me. At one point I managed to catch his
3-wood leap over the hedge and make my getaway, and the rest as they say is history!!

soosha_q said...

Well Mark, don't you sound like a regular Romeo, without the whole dying thing!

Mark said...

soosha, no not really, just a dreamer.

Anonymous said...

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