Sunday, May 21, 2006

Atelier de Peinture

A picture within picture, and where does reality stop?

Another image from the craft fair that I visited last weekend in l'Isle-sur-Tarn there was just so many photographic opportunities.

Again I feel it is only correct to give details of the artist whose work I have turned into a photograph.

Marie-Hélène PIDOFF, Peintre Décoratrice, 29 Place Paul Saissac, 81310 L’isle-sur-Tarn.

More information about the Arts & Craft of the Midi-Pyrénées can be found on this website Créamip


Nerissa said...

It certainly made me stop and take a closer look!

soosha_q said...

How wonderful! I especially love the book case there.

wilf, I was at the Renaissance Faire today and I was looking around at all the jewelry and chain mail shoppes for the silver bras they usually have prominently displayed. Alas, there were none. I was thinking of you, though. If I had found any I would have posted a picture for you.