Saturday, July 01, 2006

Billy the Cat

This is the other light of our life – Billy the Cat. We found her abandoned at the side of the road about five years ago as a little bundle of fur. She survived the first night and has been with us ever since. She has traveled as far as Portugal and the UK.

Just now she is looking to see if it is really worth chasing after that bird that just flew by.


Kerstin & Michael said...

Hi Wilf,
you had luck that we forgot to take Billy with us when we were visiting you ;-)
Kerstin & Michael

Wilf James said...

Billy is not allowed to leave us.

Mark said...

Cute fella, as I write I have our cat on my lap:)OUCH!!! She's on the floor now!!

Dawn said...

She seems just as spoilt as mine!