Saturday, July 08, 2006

Monsieur Blazy

Nous n’avons pas L’ADSL mais nous avons un très bon garagiste.

The Question ;

Avoir L’ADSL et un mauvais garagiste, quelle est la priorité !

Nous préférons Monsieur Blazy a Rabastens.

We have yet to get ADSL (broadband) in our area but all around us it is available and I will tell anybody who wants to listen, even our local garagiste, and above my wife wrote;

We do not have broadband but we have a great garage mechanic.

The question; what would we prefer broadband or a good garage mechanic, what is our priority?

We prefer Mr Blazy in Rabastens, one of the villages close to us.

Although I do have to say as long as my car is going fine I really do want broadband.


soosha_q said...

Oh yes, I'd certainly say that cars that run properly is more important than broadband! And Mr. Blazy looks like a really nice guy. Broadband could help you find out what's wrong with your car, but it could never fix the vehicle with good quality and a friendly smile!!!

Lisi said...

Hi Mr Blazy, sure you're not lazy ;-p

hey Wilf, how is Luca?

Mark said...

Mr Blazy I'm sure he's not lazy,
he will give you a hand, but not broadband. Ole:)

Lisi said...

Mark, very funny, very's almost 7 am here and thanks for making me smile after working brain still works at least lol

Nuno said...

I not only prefer adsl as i need it for work, but since i have both i'm an happy men:)