Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Temperatures are rising and it is getting hot in the south of France. The green of spring has now been replaced with yellow – that is depending when you go out and the sun low in the sky. The grain fields are being harvested and there are areas covered with magnificent sunflowers.

Before ever visiting the south of France sunflowers were one of those images of France that I would dream about seeing in full living colour, now they are all around me.

This photograph was one that I have had for a while but I wanted to post it as it shows those lazy hazy days of summer.

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends.


Dianne said...

Hi Wilf, I've been lurking around here a while as I used to live near you (in Le Verdier, near Castelnau de Montmiral). I have now moved to the other side of France, near Grasse, and the thing I do miss in the summer is the wonderful display of sunflowers. Thanks for reminding me of 5 years spent in a beautiful part of the country.

Mark said...

I love sunflowers too, Wilf do you know how long they bloom for? I seem to remember it was quite a short time.
Funny caption competition tomorrow at Sainte Maxime DP.

Wilf James said...

Dianne, Thanks for un-lurking and saying hello. We only moved here last August so there is lots for us to see. We have been up to Castelnau de Montmiral, but I don't think we passed through Le Verdier, hopefully soon.

I think you are right Mark but I have not lived in the countryside long enough to find out. This year will be different, I will be here to see the whole cycle, and I will let you know. Sunflowers do make a lovely sight though.

Dawn said...

Oh, nothing as beautiful as a field full of sunflowers.

soosha_q said...

That is a remarkable pcture, wilf! And thank you. We're taking our son to his first fireworks display tonight. I hope he enjoys it!

dutchie said...


Chris said...

Beautiful light, encore et encore :-)

As you say, the lazy hazy summer feeling is right in the shot, bravo !

Kris said...

wow! simply gorgeous!
yeah, they are all around although i must go abit outskirt to take a shot of them