Friday, July 07, 2006

Market Wine

Football World Cup fever has taken grip in France. France and Italy play in the final on Sunday.

I am not a real football fan but I am caught up in the fever and of course I hope that France win. We will know on Sunday who is to be the winner.

In the meantime with all the celebrating going on I thought I would offer you all a drink from the local market. Roll up. Roll up. Have a bottle if you want.


Mark said...

That nice clear ROSE for 6 Euros looks nice:)I think i'll go and have a drink!

Jenny said...

Cheers! Good luck to France on Sunday! PS thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Come back any time!

soosha_q said...

I could use a bottle rigth about now!

luggi said...

Wow. Look at the prices on those babies. Nice!