Friday, July 21, 2006


Apart from shopping malls and air conditioned cars one of the other places to go to get some respite from the heat are churches.

Yes it is still hot; in fact it seems to be getting hotter draining all energy from everyone.

This is the lovely church of St. Michel at the side of the river Tarn in the town of Gaillac about 30 minutes drive from us, and yes it is nice and cool inside.


Dianne said...

Great shot of Gaillac. Next door to the church is the Maison du Vin, where you can try out the local brews!

Christine Ambre said...

Oh, this is just beautiful. Any idea how old it is?? I'd love to know some of the history behind it!

(*sigh* Add one more place to visit while in France...I'll never get to them all!)