Sunday, July 23, 2006

Luca Brighton

Not from Réal, or even a photograph taken in France, but as I have posted photographs of our grandson Luca before I thought I would give an update of how he is doing.

He looks to be doing fine on a weekend trip to Brighton with his Mum. There is a chance we will get to see Luca again when he may come back to France in September, along with his parents of course. In the meantime it is great to see his progress with weekly photographs.

Photographer unknown - but I think can say it is a friend of Luca!


Lisi said...

Hey, his mom is using a cool thing to carry Luca! (or am I ignorant? this thing has been around?) anywaz, that looks pretty fashionable to me and the color is nice.

Luca looks bigger now and yes, he's looking at the photographer instead of the camera. cute boy.

About your caption Wilf, it makes me smile, "......along with his parents of course" brings me a mental picture of little Luca travelling on his own...that must be quite cartoon like.

great photo and I hope you can keep doing this Luca Update with us ;-)

Wilf James said...

Thanks lisi, My little comment about his parents is that I am looking forwards to the day when Luca will perhaps come with his parents and then they might want a break and leave Luca for us to look after. That's a day at a time of course, I don't want Luca growing up too fast.

Jenny said...

He just gets rounder and cuter every time you post his picture!