Sunday, July 02, 2006

Boys and girls and animals

When we were all having fun drinking wine and stuffing out mouths full of good French food kids of course know how to get away and have their own fun.

I though this was a lovely shot for a lazy Sunday. I was taken last Sunday during our celebration.

This Sunday in the south of French it has warmed up to a sizzler - it is hot.


Lisi said...

Wilf, you have a way to take photos with people, very nice photos and the kids are adorable..

Dawn said...

The little girl seems so sweet.What is that on the middle boy's knees? A lovely shot!

Mark said...

Don't be fooled, they look like trouble to me!!!

Wilf James said...

Do not be fooled by that sweet little girl. She is lovely, but a bundle of mischief.

The marks on the boys knees are painted tattoos.

luggi said...

Phew! Hot here too.