Monday, July 31, 2006

Luca Sitting

Another update from deepest France about our grandson. Our grandson Luca now 6 months old is begining to sit up on his own.

For those of you that look at my photo blog you will know that from time to time I post a photograph taken by his Mum or Dad so that we are able to keep up with his progress.


soosha_q said...

Hehe awww. My nephew is about 2 months old now and is about to make that first roll from tummy to back any day now. They grow up too quick!

Lisi said...

Charlie Brown, Carlos and Ronaldo the footballers, Luca......cute round heads!

there's an old saying in Chinese "3 to turn around, 6 to sit upright, 9 to stand alone" about the stages of growth; so it's true everywhere!

Michael said...

Hi Wilf,
when Kerstin saw the pic of Luca she said - it's a real must to cuddle this baby. Glad Luca is living not next to us ... I might get jealous then ;-)

Kate said...

Sweet baby, Luca!

Kim said...

What a charmer! He's a sweet one, alright,