Monday, July 03, 2006

Not Le Tour de France

On a very quiet road very near to where we live we were surprised by all these bikes racing towards us.

There was an all terrain bike race going on so our normal Sunday walk which usually is very calm presented us with a reminder that Le Tour de France had already begun. This was not it of course and I wondered how these guys were managing to keep going in temperatures which were about 35°C

Another sporting event to keep us in front of the TV.


Lisi said...

and you got your camera in time to capture the scene! quite frequently everyday, i can see helicopters flying past from a distance...can never get them in time ;-)

bcinfrance said...

Beautiful picture -- it sure looks dry, though, like it is in Aveyron. I wouldn't be riding my bike in that heat, so "chapeau" to them!

Grant F said...

the hills seem to go on and on and on...lovely shot.

am hoping to see the tour de france for real on sunday as it passes through brittany, only about 30km from where we're staying...better get up early to catch the action!