Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Walking on lettuce

I am having to post images that I have taken before, summer is getting to be a busy time and I am not getting time to get out with my camera. This image was taken in the garden with what I refer to as ‘my little digital.’ A Minolta Dimage Xt, no longer made and I believe that Minolta has been taken over by Sony now.

I am always surprised at the quality of the images even although there is no macro and it really is a point and shoot camera.

If anyone is interested in seeing a slide show of some more photographs taken with this little wonder have a look at this slide show on flickr,
a stroll in the garden.


Lisi said...

that's a great capture and the colors are great!

Felicia said...

Amazing macro shot(s) with your point & shoot! I liked the hiding frog and the cherries look very tempting. Is this your garden? So lovely.

Wilf James said...

As always, thanks for your lovely comments Lisi.

Felicia, it used be our garden when we lived in Provence last year - so maybe I am cheating a little bit!

As I said I am having to post some images that I have in reserve. I am hoping to get out and about more, I have been really busy lately, but I hope you enjoy the images.

soosha_q said...

Awww, it's so cute! Great quality, too!

skaribou said...

So cute :-), my little boy will love this one.

Kim said...

I'm with Lisi: The colors are exceptional. Your crisp focus on the edge of those leaves with the lady bug ambling along makes it very appealing.