Saturday, October 14, 2006


Part of our vacation time was spent visit family, my wife’s family live in a small village close to the area known as the Pole European. It is where the three borders of France, Belgium and Luxembourg meet. It is also not very far from the town of Verdun, now known as The City of Peace because of what happen during the First World War.

We have visited many of the war graves of the French, British, German and other nations of the two wars that raged over this part of France and surrounding countries. An hours drive north into Belgium is where the famous last battle of WW2 took place called the battle of the Bulge around the Town of Bastogne which we visited. I won’t get into the politics of war and my total abhorrence of war but I wish that the people who continue to wage war in this world today would visit these places – it just might make a difference to how people think, but I doubt it!!!

For more information about the Bastogne Historical CenterMemorial at Bastogne Belgium have a look at their website.


Anonymous said...

It's a very nice photo :) Is the lady in the middle your wife? Nice composition seeing her in a white jacket:)

Let's hope there's no more's totally silly to resolve matters by declaring war.

Wilf James said...

Yes Zannnei that's my wife. My photographic eye told me I needed someone in the photograph and she is always a willing prop!!