Friday, October 13, 2006


So I said take my photo please and with all this hi-tech phones with cameras that just what they all did, our friends in Germany.

I am still waiting to see the results.

The sun shone again this afternoon after nearly a week of dull couldy and lots of rain kind of weather, so I am feeling better because I love the sunshine, and I still showing our holiday photos.


Wilf James said...

Lisi asked in the last post, ‘you mean near where Saint Maxime?’ Well yes, but close to Marseilles, you need to travel further along the coast towards Nice and Cannes get to where Mark lives. I don’t know what’s happened to Mark – hope all is ok.

You also asked a few days ago if we get snow here, the answer is yes if we are unlucky. We did have a heavy fall of snow last winter which looked very pretty but was all gone in 48 hours. What you have to remember I am a child of the sun – love the sun and the heat that goes with it!

Michael said...

Hm Wilfred my friend .... you seems to have no idea what an amount of effort this means for me :-/
I did send you 3 of 4 ... one is still missing.
Michael :-)

Lisi said...

that's the people in your photos getting back at you LOL, cool...